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Industrial health and safety and equal opportunities policy

We pay special attention to industrial safety, provide training and necessary conditions that stimulate development of each employee. To be society friendly corporate we undertake actions with regard to environmental protection. Furthermore we established cooperation with schools and universities to share know-how and experience, as well as provide jobs for graduates. We are well aware, that people are the most precious asset of the company.

Industrial health and safety

DEFOR SA as a large, valuing company in the modern facade industry, places great emphasis on issues related to health and safety. Both the production plant and the construction sites adhere to all legal aspects arising from the Labor Code. Identification and prevention of hazards in construction is carried out on an ongoing basis.

Equal opportunities policy

DEFOR SA wants to provide all Employees with equal opportunities for personal and professional development. We are aware of the importance of equal treatment of all, regardless of gender, age, religion and orientation. We respect the same rights in all areas from recruitment through the remuneration system, access to promotions, the social security, family rights of employee and equal access to education. Innovative technologies implemented for production by DEFOR SA, promote equality and improve the comfort of work.